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“The Future of the Religious Party”

Volume 37, Number 1S, Supplement 2017

Charles F. Doran
pp. S1-S6

The Religious Party in Gestation

 Evolution of a Hindu-oriented Political Party
Walter Andersen
pp. S7-S19

A Religious Party Takes Hold: Turkey
Svante Cornell
pp. S21-S38

Islamist Parties after the Arab Spring
Camille Pecastaing
pp. S39-S53

The Surprising Future of the Religious Party in Russia
Bulat Akhmetkarimov, Bruce Parrott
pp. S55-S70

The Religious Party In Decline

 The Decline and Fall of Three Hegemonic Parties in Europe
Erik Jones
pp. S71-S87

Reverse Breakthrough: The Dutch Connection
Hent De Vries
pp. S89-S103

The Religious Party On Barren Ground

Latin America: Intense Religiosity and Absence of Anti-System Confessional Parties
Francisco Gonzalez
pp. S105-S121

Why No Religious Party in the United States?
Charles F. Doran
pp. S123-S130

When Do Religious Parties Moderate?: Religious Party Moderation in Indonesia, Turkey, and India
Allison Berland
pp. S131-S143