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 “‘Terra Incognita’: Ungoverned Spaces – Space and Technology”
Volume 36, Number 2, Summer-Fall 2016


Editor’s Note

Editors’ Note
The SAIS Review Editorial Board
pp. 1-3


The Evolving Frontier of Space Conflict

A Space Mission Force for the Global Commons of Space
Joan Johnson-Freese
pp. 5-13

Outer Space: Ungoverned or Lacking Effective Governance? New Approaches to Managing Human Activities in Space 
Henry R. Hertzfeld, Brian Weeden, and Christopher D. Johnson
pp. 15-28

Regulation in Cyberspace

The Most Governed Ungoverned Space: Legal and Policy Constraints on Military Operations in Cyberspace
Aaron F. Brantly
pp. 29-39

The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution and the Global Commons
Rex B. Hughes
pp. 41-56

Toward a Closer Digital Alliance
Melissa E. Hathaway
pp. 57-67

Ungoverned Spaces in Information Technology and Trade

Non-State Actors in North Korean Airspace
Richard Mason
pp. 69-85

Anticompetitive Market Distortions as an Ungoverned Space, and Prospects for Reform
Alden F. Abbott
pp. 87-102

Regulation by Revelation: The Opportunities and Challenges of Information Control in an Intelligence Era
Robert Dover
pp. 103-111

Book Reviews
Frederick H. Tsai
pp. 113-115

In Kaplan’s ‘Dark Territory,’ Inertia Governs American Cyber Defense
Erin D. Dumbacher
pp. 117-120