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 “‘Here Be Dragons’: Ungoverned Spaces on Land and at Sea”
Volume 36, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2016

Editor’s Note

Editors’ Note: Ungoverned Spaces Considered
Jessica Sobrino, Patrick G. Rear, Shuja A. Malik, Brittany E. Coley
pp. 1-4



Theoretical Frameworks

Thoughts on the Nature and Consequences of Ungoverned Spaces
Andrew J. Taylor
pp. 5-15

The Fragile Global Commons in a World in Transition
Carla P. Freeman
pp. 17-28

Evolving Governance: Transitioning and Developing Conditions

Ungovernance or Divergence? : Assessing the Adaptiveness of Brutality in Marginal Areas
Camille Pecastaing
pp. 29-38

Informal Taxation in Ungoverned Spaces
Richard Mallett
pp. 39-46

Legal Governance: Evaluating International Frameworks

Counterterrorism, Ungoverned Spaces, and the Role of International Law
Dan E. Stigall
pp. 47-60

Seamounts as Sites for Governance in the “Areas Beyond Nationalism Jurisdiction”
Elizabeth Mendenhall
pp. 61-73

Free the Sea: The Philippines v. China
Jessica L. Jones
pp. 75-86

Tyrants, Terrorists, and Traffickers in the Ungoverned Oceans
James Kraska
pp. 87-96

Addressing Governance: Local and International Endeavors

America’s War on “Ungoverned” Space in Afghanistan
Greg Roberts
pp. 97-107

Managing Risk in Ungoverned Space: Local and International Actors in Somalia
Ken Menkhaus
pp. 109-120

The Trap of International Intervention: How Somaliland Succeeded where Somalia Failed
Teresa Krug
pp. 121-132

Ungoverned Spaces and Regional Insecurity: The Case of Mali
Robert B. Lloyd
pp. 133-141


Book Reviews

Whither Westphalia? : Sean McFate’s The Modern Mercenary
Jaehan Park
pp. 143-146

What is Ice?
Adrian Li
pp. 147-149