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Flying the Flag: Considering Nationalism in its Modern Incarnations
Volume 35, Number 2, Summer-Fall 2015

Flying the Flag cover page

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note
Jessica Sobrino, Emily Walz, Patrick G. Rear, Shuja A. Malik, Brittany E. Coley
pp. 1-3



Theoretical Frameworks

Nationalism and Globalization: Challenging Assumptions
Jonathan Hearn
pp. 5-11

Political Geography, New Regionalism, and Rescaling Identity
Austin Charron and Alexander C. Diener
pp. 13-20

Nation-State Nationalism in Action

The Five Rings and the “Imagined Community”: Nationalism and the Modern Olympic Games
Toby C. Rider and Matthew P. Llewellyn
pp. 21-32

Iran’s Soft War with the West: History, Myth, and Nationalism in the New Communications Age
Emily Blout
pp. 33-44

The China Challenge, Abe Shinzo’s Realism, and the Limits of Japanese Nationalism
Guilio Pugliese
pp. 46-55

A Very Proud Nation: Nationalism in American Foreign Policy
Benjamin Brice
pp. 57-68

Sub-State Nationalism Considered

Navigating Nationalisms in Deeply Divided Societies: The Case of Northern Ireland’s Immigrant Communities
Devashree Gupta
pp. 69-80

The Rise of Rojava: Kurdish Autonomy in the Syrian Conflict
Vittoria Federici
pp. 81-90

Why Public Finance Matters: Evolution of Independence Movements in Catalonia and the Basque Country during the Twenty-First Century
Alejandro Barón
pp. 91-103

Nationalism and Political Identity in Pakistan: The Rise and Role of Indigenous Identities
Raja Qaiser Ahmed
pp. 105-116


Book Reviews

“Nkrumah Lives Forevermore”: Independence, Symbolic Nationalism, and Nation-Building in Ghana
Benjamin Linzy
pp. 117-120

Russia’s “New Tsar”: Putin’s Reign is a New Chapter in a Very Old Book
Kedar Pavgi
pp. 121-123