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 “Modern Populism and Its Effects on Foreign Policy”

Volume 37, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2017


Editor’s Note

Editors’ Note
The SAIS Review Editorial Board
pp. 1-2


Theories of Modern Populism

The Resurgence and Spread of Populism
Francisco E. González and Clifford Young
pp. 3-18

Navigating the 21st Century: Combating Populism to Create a Positive-Sum International System 
Jennifer F. Kasner
pp. 19-31

 The Populist Surge and the Rebirth of Foreign Policy Nationalism
Ted Galen Carpenter
pp. 33-46

Global Manifestations of Modern Populism

The Rise of Populism and the Fall of Europe
Erik Jones
pp. 47-57

Making Moldova Great Again?
Lyndon Allin and Natalia Garbu
pp. 59-74

Netanyahu’s Populism: An Overlooked Explanation for Israeli Foreign Policy
Jonathan G. Leslie
pp. 75-82

A Populist International?: ALBA’s Democratic and Autocratic Promotion
Carlos de la Torre
pp. 83-93

When Russian Values Go Abroad: The Clash Between Populism and Foreign Policy
James Mersol
pp. 95-100

Book Reviews

Müller Sheds Light on 21st Century Populism
Andrew Zapf
pp. 101-103

Hochschild Creates New Understanding of the Tea Party
Erin D. Dumbacher
pp. 105-108