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Feature Length Essays

The SAIS Review is a student-run journal of professional quality. Since each issue is thematically based, the editorial board will directly solicit potential contributors for full length essays. If a submission appears to be a good fit for the issue, the author will work closely with the editors on revisions. However, publication is not guaranteed until the editing process is finished.

Essays vary in length from 2,500 to 4,000 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography. The author is responsible for verifying facts within the text. Please include an author biography as you would like it to appear in the journal; a three-to-five sentence abstract; and subheadings to highlight divisions within the article. The SAIS Review edits according to the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster‘s dictionary, as well as our own style guide, which is available upon request.

The SAIS Review does, at times, consider unsolicited essays. All submissions must be related to the theme of the upcoming issue. Due to the volume of submissions, we unfortunately cannot respond to all requests.

Book Reviews

The SAIS Review publishes several book reviews in each issue. Books should have been published in the last twelve months. We actively seek both potential books to review and prominent reviewers. Book reviews are approximately 1,000 words and follow standard SAIS Review editorial guidelines.


The SAIS Review publishes interviews with prominent policymakers and academics. If you are interested in being interviewed by the editors, please contact us at

For Students

The SAIS Review offers many opportunities for student publication in our online and print editions.


Students are encouraged to submit essays, interviews, photos, videos, and infographics for potential publication on our website. While we are particularly interested in content related to the theme of our current issue, we welcome all superb submissions regardless of topic. Online content should be engaging, timely, concise, and less formal than our print edition. Contact us at for more details.


The SAIS Review holds three contests, open to all SAIS students, each semester: (1) Essay Contest, (2) Photo Essay Contest, and (3) Book Review Contest. The winning entry in each category is published in the subsequent issue of the SAIS Review.

  • Topic should be in the field of international relations, broadly understood.
  • The contest is open to SAIS students. (Ph.D. candidates must be pre-dissertation.)
  • Papers are evaluated on the basis of originality of topic and approach, scholarly value, and style.
  • Contributions should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Please submit the entry to
  • Decisions are made by the SAIS Review editorial staff.

Essay Submissions

  • Essay length should be a maximum of 4,000 words.

Photo Essay Submissions

  • Photo essays can relate to any relevant subject, but must have a coherent story.
  • Captions should be included with all photos. Please include an abstract, as well.
  • Photos must be original and submitted in high resolution. Color submissions are acceptable, but all winning entries are published in black and white.

Book Review Submissions

  • Length of approximately 1,000 words.
  • Books should have been published in the last twelve months.
  • Reviews should preferably focus on books published by prominent scholars, government officials, activists, or other notable public persons.
  • Reviews should summarize the book, provide relevant information about the author, and critique the book’s arguments and premises.