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The Big Data Backlash: News Roundup, March 31 – April 7

Posted: April 7, 2014 at 4:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

All big ideas face a backlash: big data is no different. This week, we’re exploring common criticisms of the use of big data.

Results from big data are usually less important than they seem, say two NYU professors. [The New York Times]

Big data is changing “the ethical framework of data analysis.” [Forbes]

“Big data: are we making a big mistake?” [Financial Times]

“Lots of data can cause plenty of confusion”: the failure of Google Flu Trends. [The Guardian]

UN’s Global Pulse takes a more in-depth look at Google Flu Trends, and how the project could have gone differently. [Global Pulse]

Twitter’s big data: how to separate the useful from the useless. [The Economist]

“As late adopters of new technologies, poor people find themselves excluded¬†from certain kinds of data flows.” [Slate]

The NSA’s pervasive use of big data is largely General Keith Alexander’s legacy, according to one CSIS expert. [Los Angeles Times]

Ending on a positive note: can big data create long-lasting romance? [BBC]

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